Pool Pest Control – Simple Tips for Pool Owners


Has your beautiful pool sanctuary become overrun by pests? We have put together a list of the most common swimming pool critters and how you can deal with them if they come between you and your crystal clear aquatic getaway.

The most common issues are bugs, rodents and birds. Each of these intruders poses a different problem and must be dealt with in separate ways.

Keep reading for tips on how to keep your pool pest free!


how to get mosquitos out of your pool - pool pest control

I think everyone can agree that mosquitos are obnoxious creatures and can put a damper on even the most exciting pool party. Mosquitos will not be an issue directly in your pool unless the filtration system is not functioning properly. The reason for this is that mosquitos use standing water to lay their eggs. The eggs then hatch into larvae and grow into mosquitos that will start the whole process over, unless you do something to remove their breeding grounds.

Here are some quick tips to help eliminate a mosquito problem:

  • Check for standing water around the pool. Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, so by eliminating their breeding grounds, you will eliminate the issue.
  • If you have a standing water pond, you can get mosquito donuts that will prevent mosquitos from laying eggs for up to 30 days.
  • You can purchase bug zappers and install them in areas a safe distance from the pool.
  • Inspect your filtration unit to ensure it is properly filtering the water in your pool and ensure your pool’s water chemicals are in proper balance.

Water Bugs

Water bugs in your pool american cockroach

If you notice water bugs, aka American Cockroaches, you may get a little creeped out. And you should. These water bugs are usually a sure shot sign of bad pool chemistry. Make sure your pool chemicals are being added in the proper amounts. If you notice algae in your pool, give the pool a good scrubbing or run your robotic pool cleaner to remove the algae buildup. Water bugs feed off the algae in the pool so if you remove their food source, you will remove the problem. Always make sure to keep your pool’s water clean to prevent infestations from occurring.


raccoon problem in pool - pool pest control

Rodents such as rats or raccoons can sometimes get into your pool and cause problems and unsanitary conditions. Don’t let these vermin ruin your pool fun; use the tips below.

  • Make sure to remove any possible food sources: uncovered garbage, fruit trees, and left out food from cookouts are the most common attractions to raccoons and possums.
  • You can set traps to capture the animals and relocate them to an alternate location.
  • Call an exterminator; sometimes it’s better to let the pros handle these types of situations. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if things are getting out of control.
  • Install a barrier around the pool area to prevent animals from getting into your pool.


bird pool pest problem

Birds are beautiful and majestic creatures, but they can also pose a serious sanitary issue if they are congregating around your outdoor pool area. We do not recommend using chemicals or trying to physically move the birds. There are products available that will help deter birds from hanging out in your pool area.

  • Purchase or put together a scarecrow. A “ human dummy” can help keep the birds away for a good while. Once the birds realize it is not a real person, this may become ineffective and you will need to try other solutions.
  • Use owl or hawk decoys to trick the birds into thinking there is a predator in the yard. Most birds know to steer away when these larger animals are around.
  • If you are into gadgets, there are motion-sensor sprinklers that you can place around their congregation areas. When the sprinkler detects bird’s motion, it will give them a quick splash and disperse the annoying birds.


how to get frogs out of your pool - pool pest control

Experiencing issues with frogs croaking and hopping around your pool? Do they think it is a clear pond of their dreams? Here are our quick tips for keeping frogs out of your pool.

  • Build a barrier around the pool to prevent frogs and other critters from entering the water. A simple chicken wire fence or mesh fence can provide great protection at a fairly low cost.
  • Remove the intrusive frogs; sometimes it’s  just a random fluke that one of these little guys gets in the pool.
  • Use saltwater on the concrete around the pool. This will not affect humans and you will barely be able to tell anything is on the ground, but it will sting the pads on the bottom of the frog’s feet. Don’t worry! It won’t hurt the frogs long term, but it will deter them from hopping across the patio into the pool.


Keep in mind that a clean pool is the main key to keeping pests out of your pool. Without a breeding ground or food source, the pests will not have anything keeping them around and they will move on to the next contaminated pool. If you are still worried about your pool becoming the hang out spot for anyone other than you and your friends or family, you can also buy a cover to keep your pool extra safe.
If you have any questions or tips about pests  that are not mentioned in this article, drop us a line on our contact page.

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  1. I have a pest problem and want to get it fixed. Thanks for the advice about how you can stop pests by setting traps and relocating them. Another thing to consider is to get help with the traps from a pest control company.

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